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Nous sommes désolé, notre site web est en reconstruction,  il sera prêt d’ici le 7 novembre, 2016


Our web site is being updated; all data will be finished by November 7th 2016…

Hot Counters module is developed specially for the needs of Hot Startup template. However, you can use it in combination with any other template as we released it as a standalone module for Joomla. You probably noticed on many modern websites (especially on portfolio and corporate websites) several numbers that gives some facts about the company to the visitors. These numbers usually represent number of projects accomplished, number of clients, partners, store locations, etc.

Using this module, you can add such block on your website easily. All you need to do is to enter numbers and what the numbers represent in form of text and/or image in the module parameters.

This module is powered by jQuery, so it doesn't just show the numbers, but also count up to the final value. It's possible to tweak the speed of the animation for each number. Furthermore, it will not start counting until user see the numbers. It's useful if you are using this module on the bottom of the page. This ensures that animation will start at the time when visitor sees the counters, and not immediately after page loading is done.


All buyers of this template will get Hot Counters module for FREE (regular price is $15).

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 Découvrir le Monde Merveilleux de la Magickey Teknik®,  où le bien être pour des malaises tel que ; les maux de dos, épaules, torticolis, problèmes d’estomac, aux genoux, nerf sciatique, tendinite, tunnel carpien, congestion nasale, maladie de raynaud… sont possibles en moins de trois minutes.

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Académie Mondiale Magickey Teknik, Bureaux Satellites au Québec: 5505 rue d'Iberville, suite 128, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2G 2B2. CONTACT: (514) 715-4640
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